Mill Run, South Nation River

Location: Spencerville-South Mountain, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: One Short Portage
Length/Size: 22 km

Mill Run
By South Nation Conservation Authority

Our canoe and kayak route journey begins at the last historic gristmill on the South Nation River- the Spencerville Mill. This route is very popular in the early spring when water levels on the River are high, and rapids and eddies create an exciting journey for paddlers. You may park your vehicle at the Spencerville Mill parking lot, located off of Spencer Street on Water Street. After parking your car, it is necessary to walk back up Water Street, over Spencer Street, and place your canoe or kayak in the River just beyond the bridge. This pastoral trip through the countryside features: mature hardwood stands, hemlock groves, and a wide array of waterfowl including; osprey, turkey vultures, and great blue herons. Paddlers should be aware of a series of rapids near Ventnor, which require a short portage. With the spring current at your back, you should encounter few obstacles as you travel into the Village of South Mountain, were it is possible to continue downstream on the Great Blue Heron Route.

Starting Village: Spencerville
Ending Village: South Mountain
Estimated Distance: 22 kilometers
Estimated Time: 6 hours