Mallard Way, South Nation River

Location: Sequin Bridge-Plantagenet, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Seasonal Portages

Mallard Way
By South Nation Conservation Authority

The Swallow's Path Route is accessed just beyond High Falls Conservation Area by following Rue Principale Street South from High Falls Conservation Area to Rue Brisson on your left hand side. Follow this road to the canoe access point about 300 meters down the road, where a sign is posted. In the late afternoon of June 20, 1993, the ground rumbled and shifted near the former Hamlet of Lemieux, causing 18 hectares of farm fields and trees to slide into the South Nation River. This landslide can be compared to the slide of 1971 just upstream. The 1993 landslide is the second one near the bridge in Lemieux. The presence of leda clay, high steep banks and wet ground conditions are major factors slides. When leda clay becomes saturated with water during wet weather conditions, its consistency becomes more like a liquid, causing it to flow. Landslides such as the one near Lemieux cause concern when the water begins to build up behind the blockage. This blockage may cause flooding upstream. Gradually, the mud and debris in the blockage erodes and is carried downstream impacting on water quality. Steep river banks are the territory of the Bank Swallows. Watch for groups of holes near the top of the banks. The Bank Swallows build nests in vertical cliffs by excavating a 60-90 cm tunnel with its bill and feet. Paddling from Casselman to Séguin Bridge is quite narrow in some areas because of landslide scars.