High Falls Conservation Area

Location: Casselman Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Day-use Park
Length/Size: 2.25 hectares

High Falls Conservation Area
By South Nation Conservation Authority

Casselman, Ontario: Bordering the Village on the SN River

This Conservation Area consists of two parcels of land totaling 2.25 hectares located on either side of the river. This area offers interesting views, particularly of the old Coupal Dam, which still stands. It is situated on the western edge of the Village of Casselman and is easily accessible from County Road 3. This day use park offers a picnic site for your enjoyment. Along the river's edge picnic tables and benches are situated amongst maples, ash and willows.

Other facilities includes barbecues, a water fountain, privies, a picnic shelter, and a group fire pit. The area on the north side of the river is equipped with a boat ramp and wooden dock to assist with boat launching into the South Nation River. Boaters can travel upstream only as the Casselman weir prevents downstream movement.