W. E. Burton Conservation Area

Location: Russell, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Mixed Forest
Length/Size: 3 km of trails

W. E. Burton Conservation Area
By South Nation Conservation Authority

Russell, Ontario: Church Street

W.E. Burton Conservation Area was named after a prominent past Chairman on the Board of Directors at the South Nation Conservation, Mr. Ernie Burton from Russell, Ontario. The park now has approximately 3 km of nature trails which winds along the Castor River passing through pine plantations, a hardwood bush and also abuts to the Russell Dam and Reservoir.

Facilities include a picnic shelter with numerous tables and benches throughout the park. It also includes a scenic viewing area overlooking the Russell Dam, situated on the Castor River. The park is located in the Village of Russell on the north side of Church Street, approximately 1000 feet east of the water tower.