Oak Valley Pioneer Park

Location: Mountain Township
Region: Southeastern
Character: Historical
Length/Size: 4 hectares

Oak Valley Pioneer Park
By South Nation Conservation Authority

The Park is located on Baldwin Road in Mountain Township, west of Winchester Springs via County Road 5, to Kirkwood and Baldwin Roads. It is west of the forks of the North and South Branches of the South Nation River. (45.00 N 75.22W.)

The four hectare park sits on the north branch channel, which divides the former Bigford farm. The site is owned by South Nation Conservation (SNC). The east part of the site was planted with pine trees by SNC, and under planted with Walnuts as well as other hardwood, by Irene Woolford Broad and other volunteers.

The west half of the site is planted largely with Oak trees and contains one of Ontario's three Butternut archives, (testing for resistence to Butternut canker), Nut Pine, Ginko, Hickory and other related species. There are over 25 species of trees and shrubs planted on the site.

The Truscott Tree Nursery raises hardwood seedlings for sale to the general public and for planting on public properties. The nursery is surrounded by a wall of Hazels.

The Pioneer Homesteads Project recognizes settler families with plaques that are mounted on glacial boulders and on plinths in front of trees.

The site is operated and managed by volunteers according to a business plan. The plan identifies five main objectives:

A tree arboretum
Pioneer Memorial Projects
The tree nursery
Tree research projects
Passive recreation such as picnics, walking, fishing etc.