Douglas Springs

Location: Ivanhoe Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Natural Area
Length/Size: 17 acres

Douglas Springs
By Lower Trent Conservation

This property was originally purchased from the Crown by Samuel Douglas in 1896 and remained in the family for close to 100 years. The property was purchased in 2002 by Lower Trent Conservation in conjunction with the municipalities of Centre Hastings and Stirling-Rawdon to protect a significant source area for Rawdon Creek. The 17 acre property contains a large spring, providing a major source of water for the east branch of Rawdon Creek. The concern for both the quality and quantity of the water supply within Rawdon Creek is shared by the two municipalities through which the creek flows.
Directions: 2.5 kilometres east of Ivanhoe on Slab Street within the Township of Stirling-Rawdon