Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground

Location: Douro-Drummer, Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Natural Caves
Length/Size: 15 km of trails

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground
By Otonabee Conservation

The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground takes its name from a series of seven caves found in the park. The caves were formed thousands of years ago at the end of the last ice age by the rushing melt waters of a glacier that covered Ontario.

All you need is a flashlight or a headlamp to enjoy this natural underground jungle gym. You can spend a couple of hours or the whole day exploring the caves. Wear clothes you don't mind dirtying and close fitting shoes and then come on out for some underground fun.

We've got 52 camp sites available for you to enjoy in a beautiful wooded setting less than two hours away from the GTA. Come spend the weekend with us or bring your family for an extended stay through the week.

Our new comfort station offers washrooms, showers, laundry and a dish wash station.
We're open from mid-May through to Thanksgiving each year

There's more than caves for hikers to enjoy at Warsaw Caves. You'll also find 15 km of trail that meanders through forests and across a limestone plain. Visit the lookout and enjoy a great view down the gorge of Indian River. There's potholes and kettles and a disappearing river. Through the seasons you can see a wide variety of wildflowers and take in the colours of the fall.

Spend a relaxing day paddling a canoe on the Indian River. It's Canoeing 101 flat water, a gentle current and lots of great scenery. Bring your own canoe or rent one of ours.

A trip to the village of Warsaw by canoe is just two hours out and two hours back and makes a great day trip. Or you can just amble along the river at your leisure.

Bring the gang and enjoy a picnic at Warsaw Caves or Selwyn Beach. Both sites are suitable for a simple family outing or can accommodate large groups.

Warsaw Caves offers a picnic shelter and barbecues near the beach on the Indian River.

At Selwyn Beach there are two shelters available, as well as barbecues and a great beach on Lake Chemong.

You can fish the length of the Indian River between our canoe launch and the dam in Warsaw. The character of the river varies widely and it goes anywhere from a couple of feet deep in places to 28 feet at Quarry Lake.
The catch is here is primarily pan fish like perch, crappie and sunfish, alongside bass and mudcat.