Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail

Location: Peterborough Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Abandoned Rail Bed
Length/Size: 4 km

Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail
By Otonabee Conservation

The Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail is a four kilometer walking/cycling trail that extends from Jackson Park in the City of Peterborough to Ackison Road in Smith Ward (Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Township).

The Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) purchased the abndoned C.N. Rail right of way that provides the route for the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail in 1992. The ORCA purchased the abandoned rail line primarily to provide alternate access to the Jackson Creek flood control weir for emergency and maintenance purposes. The corridor would also provide in a secondary capacity, excellent walking, jogging, and cycling in the summer months, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, and nature viewing all year long. As such, a project was initiated that resulted in the planning and development of the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail.

Picturesque Route
The trail begins at the large information sign, located in Jackson Park nest to the trail, which includes a map noting points of interest and the location of the kilometer markers. The abandoned C.N. Rail bed provided an excellent base for the trail that was further enhanced by a layer of limestone screenings, creating a solid, wid, elevated surface affording an excellent view.

Trail Habitat
There is much to see along the trail as you leave Jackson Park and proceed west. You will pass through upland forested areas, large open agricultural areas, lowlands, wooded valley slopes, and a large wetland before reaching the end at Ackison Road. Each one of these areas contains its own unique and interesting habitat and associated plants and wildlife. The main feature along the entire length of the trail, disappearing occasionally behind the forest, is Jackson Creek. The creek is largely responsible for the abundance of diverse plant and animal life, providing for optimum viewing opportunities along the entire length of the Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail. Enjoy your time on the trail!