Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park

Location: Picton, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Recreation
Length/Size: 257 acres

Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Lake on the Mountain is a natural curiosity: it has a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source, 60 metres above Lake Ontario. Mohawks offered gifts to its spirits and settlers thought it was bottomless. Come for the view of the Bay of Quinte.

Picnics and Day Use
Lake on the Mountain is a day use park. Take in the outstanding views of the Bay of Quinte as you enjoy a walk or a quiet picnic overlooking the lake and surrounding countryside. Take your canoe, rowboat or sailboard out for a closer look at the lake. No motorboats please.

Barrier Free Access - Flush toilets are barrier-free

Flush Toilets - Yes

Note: Due to a water supply problem, Lake on the Mountain currently only has temporary washroom facilities available. The park currently has two portables and will be adding a third (barrier free model) soon.

Off Season - Gated