Kirk-Cousins Managment Area

Location: South of London
Region: Southwestern
Character: Environmentally Significant Area

Kirk-Cousins Managment Area
By Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Kirk-Cousins is a bird watcher's paradise. A'Nowaghi Forest Ponds or, a "place of the turtles," is an important nesting and migration area for birds and has been designated a Provincially Significant Wetland by the province of Ontario, and an Envrionmentally Significant Area (ESA) by the City of London.
Visitors can bask in the area's natural beauty from two observation towers along the trail. Bird watchers have identified over 117 bird species including the green heron, brown thrasher and endagered northern bobwhite. Tundra swans and great egrets have also been spotted in this distinct wetland. The environment is fragile and walkers are reminded to take only pictures.

Activities and Information:

Admission Fee
Bird Watching
From London, follow Wellington Road South to Scotland Drive and turn left. The trail is adjacent to Regina Mundi College

April 1 - December 1
For information about Admission Fee contact: (519) 631-1270.