Gray's Creek Conservation Area

Location: Cornwall Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Recreational Area
Length/Size: 43 hectares

Gray's Creek Conservation Area
By Raisin Region Conservation Authority

The Conservation Area is located just minutes east of Cornwall, in the Township of South Glengarry. It offers over 43 hectares of natural landscape for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors. This diverse area is protected, enhanced and restored by the Raisin Region Conservation Authority.

Gray’s Creek includes five kilometers (5 km) of meandering trails that are open year round, allowing users to enjoy nature in all its seasonal settings. Explore the trails and keep an eye out for the wide variety of animals, songbirds, amphibians and waterfowl that inhabit this significant Conservation Area.

Visitors can enjoy cycling, hiking and walking their pets both on the nature trails and the paved bike path. During the winter, spend time snowshoeing and cross country skiing on groomed trails. Snowshoe rentals are available by contacting the office during working hours (Monday to Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

Gray’s Creek also has Copeland Park, a picturesque family park with picnic area , shelter, kids’ play structure, and charcoal BBQ for your convenience. Outhouses and public washrooms are available for your convenience. Relax with a game of horseshoes, enjoy a game of volleyball on the nearby court or watch model aircraft members soar their models above beautiful Gray’s Creek Conservation Area.