North Beach Provincial Park

Location: Consecon, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Recreation
Length/Size: 220 acres

North Beach Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

North Beach protects one of the several baymouth sandbars in Prince Edward County. The 1.2-kilometre ribbon of sand shelters tiny North Bay from Lake Ontario. Spend a day at the beach or go fishing and sailing.

Picnics and Day Use
North Beach, located on a baymouth sandbar separating North Bay from Lake Ontario, offers the perfect setting for a picnic. Its sand beaches are reminiscent of those of Sandbanks park. Facilities include picnic tables, barbecues, plenty of parking and toilets.

Boat Launch
A boat launch is located at the north end of the park into North Bay.

Off Season - Gated

Pike, bass, perch and other panfish are all possible catches at North Beach. Salmon and trout are also possibilities in Lake Ontario - particularly in summer from a chartered boat with a downrigger.

Wildlife Viewing
Many bird species pass through the park on their migratory routes. Keep your eyes open for hawks, saw-whet owls and turkey vultures.

The sheltered waters of North Bay provide a perfect environment for all types of small watercraft. Cruise the bay on a sailboard or set out by canoe to explore.

North Beach offers three kilometres of fine sand beach facing both Lake Ontario and North Bay. On Lake Ontario, the water is shallow near the shore - at a distance, be cautious of the possible undertow. North Bay has a steep drop off that is not suitable for young children or inexperienced swimmers.

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North Beach Provincial Park
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