Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls

Location: Greensville, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Natural Area

Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls
By Hamilton Conservation Authority

From the escarpment brow, noted for its panoramas, to the forested depths of the gorge below, the Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area exhibits the physical features which have made the Niagara Escarpment one of Ontario's most spectacular geological formations.

This significant natural area contains two beautiful waterfalls: Webster's and Tews Falls. Webster's is a magnificent tiered waterfall and Tews, which towers at 41 metres, is only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Both offer spectacular vistas of the gorge. A nature trail allows access to the Dundas Peak, which provides stunning views of Dundas and Hamilton. Other pathways passing through the park include the Bruce Trail, and a side-trail to historic Crook's Hollow Conservation Area.

As Webster’s Falls and the Spencer Gorge become more popular, increasing pressure is being put on the parking areas and surrounding community. At times, the parking lot at Webster’s Falls is completely full. ‘Parking Lot Full’ signs will be put up on roads leading to Webster’s Falls as the parking area fills. Alternate parking areas located less than a half kilometer walk from Webster’s Falls can be found at Tew’s Falls along Harvest Road and the Greensville Optimist Park at the intersection of Highway #8 and Brock Road in Greensville.

On beautiful sunny weekends, please watch for these ‘Parking Lot Full’ signs when heading out to Webster’s Falls to avoid long delays on the narrow roadways approaching the main parking lot on Fallsview Road. A daily admission pass from any of the Conservation Areas in Hamilton is your day pass to the spectacular waterfalls of the Hamilton area.

Through every season, Spencer Gorge offers beautiful natural landscapes - from vibrant forests in summer and dazzling autumn foliage to frozen waterfalls that sparkle in winter.

Be sure to experience this escarpment treasure, and all the opportunities for hiking, picnicking and nature appreciation destination. It's also a popular wedding spot.