Altona Forest

Location: Pickering Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Environmentally Significant Area
Length/Size: 53 hectares

Altona Forest
By Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

The Altona Forest is situated in the City of Pickering just east of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The Forest is approximately 53 hectares. In 1982, the forest was designated an environmentally significant area due to its ecological and historical importance. The forest is a very special place given its placement within an urban center.

In 1998 the Altona Forest Community Stewardship Committee was established with representatives from ratepayers groups, concerned citizens, Pickering Naturalists and other interested groups, the City of Pickering and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This committee assists with the planning, fundraising and implementation of the Environmental Management Plan for the forest. This management plan is designed to ensure the long-term protection of the ecological integrity of the Altona Forest. It also outlines acceptable recreational uses which include passive and non-intrusive outdoor activities that are compatible with the natural environment. Such activities will include hiking, bird watching, wildlife photography and educational interpretative walks. The activities do not include mountain biking, camping, the operation of motorized vehicles of any kind or the destruction or picking or cutting of any plants including flowers and trees.