Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Location: Ottawa Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Recreational Area
Length/Size: 23 acres

Chapman Mills Conservation Area
By Rideau Valley

The 23-acre parcel of conservation land that forms the Chapman Mills Conservation Area was a gift to the people of the Rideau Valley from the South Nepean Development Corporation, along with additional land ceded from Parks Canada. The Conservation Area forms a passive recreational area for the Chapman Mills community. Minto Developments Inc. provided the development funds necessary to carry out the improvements for public use of the area. It consists mainly of natural river shoreline, wetlands and flood plain areas that are unique in the City of Ottawa. Click the sign below to get a map of the trails of Chapman Mills Conservation Area. Modest development of the Conservation Area includes provision of a parking lot (located off Winding Way), a picnic shelter and lookouts along the trail, walkways and boardwalks leading pedestrians on a 1.5 km stroll through some sensitive and beautiful habitats, a washroom, and interpretive signs telling the environmental story at points along the path.