Meisel Woods Conservation Area

Location: Central Frontenac, Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: Precambrian Sheild
Length/Size: 130 acres

Meisel Woods Conservation Area
By Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

The Meisel Woods Conservation Area is the Rideau Valley's newest developed conservation area. Officially opened October 4, 2003, this 130-acre property is an excellent example of Precambrian Shield land. It is a forested natural area with plants, animals and landscape typical of the headwaters of the Tay and Upper Rideau watershed. The property surrounds a 60-acre, headwaters lake known as Beaver or Bass Lake and includes additional waterfrontage on Crow Lake.

The property was generously donated to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation by John Meisel in 2000. Mr. Meiselís interest is that the property remain undeveloped. That wish will be respected. The goal of the new Meisel Woods Conservation Area is environmental protection. The only improvements foreseen are along the trail, with the creation of a small parking lot and a sign.