Osprey Wetland Conservation Area

Location: Badjeros, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Wetlands
Length/Size: 6,500 acres

Osprey Wetland Conservation Area
By Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Supplying baseflow waters to the Saugeen, Beaver, Mad and Grand River systems, the Osprey Wetlands spans an area of over 2631 hectares (6,500 acres). The NVCA owns and manages over 283 hectares (700 acres) for conservation purposes. Defying the traditional fate of wetlands in Southern Ontario, the Osprey Wetlands has endured more than a century of settlement and remains relatively undisturbed.

These wetlands are one of the highest elevations in Southern Ontario-they are essentially a 'raised bog' that rest in a depression of bedrock. One of many unique features found in this vast wetland is an esker (see above) surrounded by pockets of White Pine, Black Spruce and mixed hardwoods, all making for a diverse array of wildlife habitat.

The NVCA's portion of Osprey Wetlands was purchased through a joint effort of Nature Conservancy Canada, Imperial Oil Ltd., the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Ministry of Natural Resources. The Osprey Wetlands are managed for conservation and recreational purposes and are considered a non-intensively used area.


From the Town of Shelburne, travel north on Simcoe Rd. 124 for 23 km. Turn left onto Centre Line and travel 2 km to area one and 8 km to area two.