Mississippi River

Location: Mazinaw Lake - Ottawa River
Region: Southeastern
Character: Class 1-4 whitewater
Length/Size: 200 km

Mississippi River Canoe Route
By Mississippi Valley Conservation

200 km.-8-10 days A progression from Crown to private land. A mix of river and lake travel. Class 1-4 whitewater, depending on flow conditions.

A canoe trip down the Mississippi River is a journey through history. Scattered along its banks are reminders of the past: rocky shores scraped by advancing glaciers; potholes gouged out of the granite by swirling rocks and water; ancient paintings by native people; old log slides, dams and mill ruins.

Portage Description

1 40 m. Mazinaw Lake Dam. On the west (right) side - must use portage to bypass dam.
2 80 m. Marble Narrows. On the west (right) side - can line canoes through, depending on water level.
3 40 m. Marble Lake outlet. Portage under bridge to avoid traffic on road. Put in can be difficult in high water.
4 20 m. Georgia Lake Rapids. On the west (right) side, under the hydro line. Recommended to line swift.
5 290 m. Kashwakamak Lake Dam. On the north (left) side. Use of portage recommended, large fall above put in.
6 500 m. Logjam Rapids. On the south (right) side. Put in is steep and can be slippery. Rapids are swift and pretty but dangerous - do not attempt to run.
7 120 m. Farm Lake Dam. On the south (right) side. Use caution when approaching weir. Good, large campsite.
8 300 m. Sidedam Rapids. On west (right) side. Two options: portage both sections or put in below first rapid and take out for second, save 140 m. Camping permitted.
9 25 m. Whitefish Rapids. On west (right) side. Lift over or portage depending on water level. Camping permitted.
10 95 m. King's Falls Dam. On north (left) side of dam, past cottages.
11 460 m. King's Chute. On the south (right) side. Class 3-4 rapids. Inspect before running.
12 335 m. Otter Rapids. On the south (right) side. Consists of three rapids, first two are class 2, third is class 3-4 depending on water level. Inspect before running.
13 800 m. Ragged Chutes. On north-west (left) side. Two large waterfalls, do not recommend lining between falls.
14 375 m. Miller Lake. On north (left) side. Difficult put in below. Class two rapid. Recommend running or lining canoe. Inspect before running. Last of Crown Land, but campsite is rough..
15-16 Two options Option of two portages, # 15 or #16. MacLaren's Depot Snye. On north (left) side of river. Set of four short portages equaling 180 m. MacLaren's Depot. On north (left) shore. 880 m - follow road. Rapids are class 3+ depending on water level. Inspect before running.
17 1200 m. High Falls Generating Station. Follow road through gate to beach at Dalhousie Lake. Experienced whitewater canoeists can put in below the generating station in the pond and run the river to Dalhousie Lake. Class 2-3, depending on water level. Inspect before running.
18 430 m. Sheridan's Rapids. On the east (right) side. Portage crosses private land. Recommend running or lining canoe.
19 400 m. Rapids-Swifts. On the left side of the river. Recommend running or lining canoe, inspect before running.
20 75 m. Old Dam Site. On left shore before old dam ruins. Recommend running or lining canoe, inspect before running.
21 200 m. Playfairville Bridge. On south (right) side. Cross bridge and follow road to rapids below. Recommend running canoe, inspect before running. Note there is a private campground below rapids.
22 425 m. Innisville. On south (right) side. Between cottages, down private road and across highway. Recommend running swifts or lining to avoid crossing highway. Inspect before running.
23 635 m. Carleton Place Dam. On east (right) side of river before safety boom. Portage follows Mill St. under railway trestle and over small bridge to walking path.
24 250 m. Arkland Rapids Chute. On south (left) bank of island. Difficult trail to find due to minimal use. Recommend running or lining, inspect before running.
25 295 m. Appleton Dam. On the east (right) side. Around dam, turn left and follow the road to public boat launch.
26 560 Almonte Generating Station. On west (left) side. Pass in front of the Old Town Hall, turn right and follow down Little Bridge St. and Mill St. to Metcalfe Park. Try and look inconspicuous with that canoe on your head.
27 70 m. Riffles-Swifts. On the east (right) side. Recommend running or lining, inspect before running.
28 300 m. Blakeney. On east (left) side. Cross road to Park, and follow trail down to put in. Recommend NOT running Rapids - the channel splits and has numerous ledges, class 4-5
29 185 m. Upstream of Pakenham. On west (left) shore. Follow trail down to put in. Recommend running or lining. Inspect before running.
30 260 m. Pakenham Bridge. On west (left) side. Over road and through M.T.O. park to put in below falls. Do not run rapids, big ledges and hydraulics.
31 100 m. Galetta. Keep to the west of the island in the river and take out canoe above the dam on the west (left) side. Follow the private drive to put in below the dam.
32 2100 m. Mississippi Syne at Fitzroy Harbour. Take out at the railway bridge and follow trail, first left on paved road and left again past subdivision on right. Cross over bridge and take next right on access road to put in. Recommend paddling as far up the snye as possible.