Big Gull Loop

Location: Mazinaw Lake - Big Gull Lake Ontario
Region: Southeastern
Character: 3-5 days
Length/Size: 90km-110km

Big Gull Loop
By Mississippi Valley Conservation

90 km.-3-5 days Crown land camping A mix of River and lake travel. Partially signed.

The Big Gull Loop is an intermediate canoe route through the upper reservoir lakes of the Mississippi River. Established in the 1970's by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, this loop is now abandoned from maintenance, less the attention from local Cottage Associations and canoe trippers. Campsites along this route are the property of North Frontenac Township please call 1-800-234-3953 or visit North Frontenac Parklands to book your site.

The loop is approximately 90-110 km depending on whether you incorporate Mazinaw Lake in to the trip.

Portage Description

1 40 m. Mazinaw Lake Dam. On the west (right) side - must use portage to bypass dam.
2 80 m. Marble Narrows. On the west (right) side - can line canoes through, depending on water level.
3 40 m. Marble Lake outlet. Portage under bridge to avoid traffic on road. Put in can be difficult in high water.
4 20 m. Georgia Lake Rapids. On the west (right) side, under the hydro line. Recommend to line swift.
5 290 m. Kashwakamak Lake Dam. On the north (left) side. Use of portage recommended, large fall above put in.
6 500 m. Logjam Rapids. On the south (right) side. Put in is steep and can be slippery. Rapids are swift and pretty but dangerous - do not attempt to run.
7 120 m. Farm Lake Dam. On the south (right) side. Use caution when approaching the weir. Good, large campsite.
8 300 m. Sidedam Rapids. On west (right) side. Two options: portage both sections or put in below first rapid and take out for second, save 140 m. Camping permitted.
9 25 m. Whitefish Rapids. On west (right) side. Lift over or portage depending on water level. Camping permitted.
10 35 m. Gull Creek to Gull Creek
11 200 m. Gull Creek to Gull Creek.
12 75 m. Gull Creek to Big Gull Lake. Follow trail up past dam and over road.
13 1250 m. North Creek to Shoepack Lake. On the west (right) side, long but easy.
14 275 m. Shoepack to Kashwakamak Lake. Follow trail (can be wet and boggy) to cottage road. Follow to lake.