Clyde River

Location: Clyde Lake - Mississippi River
Region: Southeastern
Character: Class 1-2 whitewater
Length/Size: 15km-30km

Clyde River
By Mississippi Valley Conservation

15-30 km Half or Full day trip, Class 1-2 whitewater. Un-developed, no portages or signage.

The Clyde River Runs 40 kilometers from Clyde Lake to the Mississippi River near the Village of Lanark. For canoeing purposes, it can be divided up into three sections:

Clyde Lake to Highway 511 - Approximately 15 km. This is a very pretty section of river. There are numerous drops in water elevation that are characterized as short swifts. There is one exception at Craig Chute where a big ledge makes it impossible to pass by canoe. Familiarize yourself with this location and be prepared to bypass these falls.

Brightside to Wolf Grove Road. - Approximately 9 km. This is the popular reach of the river known for Class One and Two rapids. The fast water begins almost immediately, and is followed by half a dozen rapid sections. The majority of them lay between Brightside and the Hamlet of Cedardale. After Cedardale, the river smoothes out before one final rapid at the Wolf Grove Road Bridge.

Wolf Grove Road to Lanark Village - Approximately 14 km. This section is largely un-traveled as part of the river adventure, and we have little detail. There are three more rapid sections, followed by Kerr Lake as the river slows for its descent into the village.