Crystal Bay

Location: Amhurstburg Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Sheltered Bay

Crystal Bay
By Essex Region Conservation Authority

Crystal Bay is situated in the Detroit River adjacent to Amherstburg. The strong river current forks around its northern end, leaving a quiet and sheltered lagoon in the center. Wildlife seen in the area includes mallards, kingfishers, blue herons and hawks.

Recreation Activities Available
Crystal Bay is popular with boaters and jet skis as a picturesque place to relax out of the main shipping channels. Please visit the Canadian Coast Guard boat safety website before leaving on your trip to ensure that you have all the appropriate safety gear.

A great place to anchor your boat and enjoy a picnic while watching the other river traffic. Picnic on board or throw down a blanket in the shade of the vegetation and rest up for the afternoon.

The calm, clear waters in the sheltered areas of Crystal Bay make excellent fishing areas. Look out for Muskie, Walleye, White Bass or Yellow Perch, carp, bowfin and bluegill.

The water in the Hidden Lake lagoon is particularly clear and can be pleasant for swimming in the quieter areas. Explore the side channels away from the boats.

Crystal Bay is not equipped with washrooms.
Conservation Area Facts
Crystal Bay is a man-made structure split into a series of channels providing shelter to smaller boats and aiding navigation for river going traffic.

Opening Times & Fees
Crystal Bay Conservation Area is open from dawn until dusk to boaters. While overnight camping is not permitted, you are welcome to enjoy a campfire on the beach. There is no charge at this Conservation Area.

Just north of Bois Blanc Island in the Detroit River, Crystal Bay is only accessible by boat. It is visible from any Amherstburg marina.