Old Baldy Conservation Area

Location: Kimberley, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Day-use Area

Old Baldy Conservation Area
By Grey Sauble Conservation

There are no facilities on site other than parking, but the sights to be seen after a 15 minute walk through the quiet woods make up for that. Sitting on the brow of the Niagara Escarpment, which at this point rises 152 metres above the Beaver Valley, the view takes your breath away! Below are a patchwork of fields, forests and ski hills and the Village of Kimberley. It is likely that you will get a good view of a few turkey vultures as they soar on air currents off the rim of the escarpment.

Seen from below when driving through Kimberley, it is also called Kimberley Rock. The Beaver Valley, a 20-mile narrow wedge in the Niagara Escarpment that follows the Beaver River and eventually joins Georgian Bay, detaches this rock outcrop from the main escarpment.

Those wishing to do more hiking can follow the Bruce Trail markings through woodlands, rich with ferns and spring flowers. Rock climbers are required to obtain a climbing permit from the Grey Sauble Conservation

Key Information for Rock Climbers
Schedule "A"
3.DO NOT CHIP OR DRILL HOLDS. If you can't do it find another route.
6.Do not cut or damage any trees, no matter how small they are. The size of a tree has very little relation to its age on the escarpment.
7.Try to avoid trampling seedlings at the base or top of the cliff.
8.Do not pull out any plants from the face of the cliff; they are probably older than you are.
9.Do not injure and if possible, do not disturb snakes or other fauna.
10.Stay on existing trails to avoid causing unnecessary erosion.
11.Carry out any garbage you take in, and if you can, any you see on the ground.
12.Report any problems or concerns to the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. (519-376-3076)
13.Do not retrobolt... get permission from the first ascensionist, and use natural protection wherever possible.
14.Think before putting up new routes. If a route is vegetated and dirty it is a prime seedling recruitment site and may be home to rare flora and fauna. This also goes for established routes if it looks dirty and overgrown find something else.
15.Use 3/8" by 2 1/2" or preferably 1/2" by 2 1/2" stainless steel bolts or better.
16.Paint any fixed gear, and avoid pins, as they leave unsightly rust stains on the rock.
17.Place painted hangers (natural colours) and place rap anchors. DO NOT USE TREES.
18.Climb Safe.
Taken in part from "The Escarpment", A Climbers Guide by Marc Bracken, Judy Barnes, Chris Oates, Borealis Press, 1991. (Recommended reading)