Feversham Gorge - Madeleine Graydon Memorial Conservation Area

Location: Feversham Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Biological & Geological Significant
Length/Size: 14 hectares

Feversham Gorge - Madeleine Graydon Memorial Conservation Area
By Grey Sauble Conservation

The Feversham Gorge - Madeleine Graydon Memorial Conservation Area is located just west of the Hamlet of Feversham on Grey County Road 2. Consisting of 14 hectares (35 acres) this is an area of geological and biological interest.

The gorge begins on private property at an old mill dam in Feversham and extends downstream along the Beaver River. its vertical limestone walls, towering 24.4 meters (80 feet) over the crystal clear river, are cloaked with conifers and ferns.

The Beaver River is spring-fed. A natural haven for Brook Trout has been created by high water quality and rugged cliff approaches to the gorge. The river is relatively shallow along this section of the gorge, with several inviting pools and bubbling rapids along its course.

Although somewhat hard to access, the cliffs are a botanist's paradise and are home to a number of rare ferns, mosses and liverworts. These plants thrive in the permanent shade created by the trees and limestone cliffs.

The table land above the gorge consists of mixed coniferous and deciduous tree cover which provides a pleasant environment for hiking the 1.5 km (0.9 mile) trail. At various locations along the trail cold water springs emerge and cascade into the gorge.

Facilities include vault-tank privies, picnic tables, a parking lot and the trail system. Lookout stations and a stairway add to the enjoyment of hiking this scenic, if somewhat strenuous trail.

The Senior League Society of Collingwood coordinated funding for the purchase of this property. Donations were provided by numerous interested individuals with the bulk of the money being contributed by the Graydon Family, the Labatt Family and John Labatt Ltd.