Bognor Marsh Management Area

Location: Owen Sound, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Multi-use
Length/Size: 668 hectares

Bognor Marsh Management Area
By Grey Sauble Conservation

This is a unique area. In a short time period you can be standing on the brow of the Niagara Escarpment and looking down on the backs of turkey vultures as they soar on air currents above the marsh. Next, you can be searching the quiet waters of the marsh for amazing aquatic creatures, such as Water Boatmen, Giant Water Bugs and Caddisfly larvae.

One of the largest marsh systems in Grey County, this management area encompasses 668 hectares of escarpment upland forests, three major marshes, reforested areas, natural regeneration areas, and several small springs feeding the marsh and stream system. A tributary of the Bighead River, joined by a feeder stream, runs easterly through the property. Water levels in the larger of the three marshes is controlled by a Ducks Unlimited dam, to enhance habitat for waterfowl and other marsh-living animals, birds and plants.

At Bognor Marsh you will find 11.9 km of trails, an education shelter, boardwalks with interpretive signs, a viewing tower, access to the Bruce Trail and washroom facilities. A multi-use area, Bognor Marsh is visited by school classes, hikers, naturalists, birders and hunters, with little if any conflict.