Wishart Conservation Area

Location: Stepstone, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Day-use Area
Length/Size: 221 hectares

Wishart Conservation Area
By Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

Wishart Forest is a 221 ha spruce and jack pine, boreal forest. In summer, a green carpet of moss gives the area a northern appeal. In winter, make your tracks over the rolling topography of Wishart by snowshoes.
The Orange Trail explores the hills of Wishart, while the Yellow Trail begins across Onion Lake Road and follows a level route to the Current River.

Directions: Wishart Forest is located 11 km north on Onion Lake Road. From Highway 11/17 turn north on Balsam Street. Turn west along Wardrope Avenue and turn right on Onion Lake Road. The main parking lot is located on the west side of the road just before a small bridge.