Durham Regional Forest

Location: Uxbridge Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Oak Ridges Moraine
Length/Size: 400 hectares

Loading photo... A Walk in the Durham Forest
By Janis Carter

The Township of Uxbridge has several trails ranging from easy to fairly strenuous. A few that I have walked several times are fairly easy for all but the non-walker.

Goodwood Tract
About 3 km, the walk from Concession 2 to 3 is a pleasant walk with a few small grades, taking you through open areas, wooded areas and in the spring some damp squishy spots. There is an abundance of wildflowers and some spectacular views. An experienced walker could travel from one concession to the next in about a 1/2 hour, but I prefer to take my time and see all the sights, therefore probably doubling the time.

Walker Woods
The trail East from Concession 6 is a fairly wooded trail, winding through the deciduous and coniferous forest and covering about 50 km, but with many loops so that you can walk as far as you wish or just take a short walk.. Possibly the grades are more strenuous than the Goodwood tract, but it is still a very pleasant walk. There is a wide variety of plant life, birds and landscapes. It is a very popular are for bikers, dog walkers Loading photo...and group hikes.

The Uxbridge Countryside Preserve Trail starting at Walmart is a different type of trail again. It is a dirt and sand trail, covering about 6 km. There are more open space with a view of nearby farms and ponds. It crosses through meadows, woodlands and wetlands and you are able to spot several varieties of plants, birds and wildlife. The trail has been marked with art pedestals and interpretive signs. The view from The observation hill is just spectacular.