Campbellville Conservation Land

Location: Campbellville Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Day-use
Length/Size: 3 acres

Campbellville Conservation Land
By Conservation Halton

This small three acre parkette is nestled in the heart of the historic village of Campbellville. The pond, once stocked each year with trout by Conservation Halton, now filters runoff through a mini wetland before sending the improved water downstream. The native vegetation planted to form the wetland, acts as a scouring pad to remove sediment, nutrients and contaminants from the runoff. The runoff water originates from the surrounding roads and concrete walkways.
•Picnic tables
•Playground equipment
•Interpretive station with maps and local attraction information
•Parking is available nearby on the streets of Campbellville

No daily fee applies at this location

Directions: Located in Campbellville on the southwest corner of Guelph Line and Campbellville Road.