La Mauricie National Park

Location: Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Natural Environment Area
Length/Size: 536 km 2

La Mauricie National Park
By Parks Canada

Enjoy the Adventure of a Lifetime in the Heart of the Laurentians
La Mauricie National Park invites you to a close encounter with the Laurentians, the chain of mountains flanking the northern shore of the St. Lawrence River. Covering an area of 536 km2, the park gives off an air of serenity throughout its gently contoured terrain.
On this vast plateau of rolling hills intersected by valleys and dotted with myriads of lakes, life moves in perfect unison with nature. Here only the changes of the seasons mark the passage of time, retouching the landscape with subtle strokes and calling visitors with a promise of both activity and relaxation.
Since its creation in 1970, the park has safeguarded the continuing integrity of this richly endowed land, protecting it as a representative sample of the southernmost part of the Canadian Shield.
Welcome to this haven of peace!La Mauricie National Park, a conservation area that relies on your involvement!