Point Pelee National Park

Location: Leamington, Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Carolinean Forest

Point Pelee National Park
By Parks Canada

A lush Carolinian forest oasis at the southern tip of Canada, Point Pelee National Park resounds with migrating song birds in the spring, hums with cicadas in the summer, flutters with Monarch butterflies in the fall and is a peaceful place of reflection in the winter.

A small green oasis known as Point Pelee National Park is located just south of the 42nd parallel, giving it the same latitude as northern California! Located just one hour from the Windsor/Detroit border, Point Pelee National Park is the most southern point of mainland Canada.

Marvel at the phenomenal spring and autumn migrations of songbirds that blanket Point Pelee's forests in vibrant colours and bring them alive with song. Be sure to catch the delicate monarch butterflies as they migrate through the Park on their voyage to Mexico. These migrations have made Point Pelee National Park world-famous, setting it apart from all other Canadian National Parks. Give your group this opportunity to experience nature in its finest form of beauty.

Your trip is never complete without a stop at Point Pelee's mysterious marsh. Our famous Boardwalk Trail loops out into a sea of cattails. An observation tower offers a bird's-eye view of the marsh. Keep your eyes open for frogs, turtles, muskrats and dragonflies.

Your group's experience at Point Pelee National Park will leave everyone feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Create wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Three Group Tours Available

1. Keep the Songs Alive

Discover how Point Pelee is working to Keep the Songs Alive with a theatre presentation at the Visitor Center. Browse through the Nature Nook Bookstore and find excellent natural history souvenirs and books to satisfy the nature lover in you. Your trip is not complete until you've taken a ride to the Tip of Canada on our shuttle service.

Group size: 15 - 110 people
Length: 2 1/2 hours (theatre presentation included)

2. Hike to the Tip with a Naturalist

Leave your footprints at the tip of Canada! Let our free transit service carry you to Canada's most southern point under a canopy of Carolinian forest. With a Park interpreter, hike to the Tip from the transit stop, and depending on the time of year, you can expect to see wildflowers, butterflies, birds, mammals, winter ice formations, beautiful sunsets, and other magnificent sights that will remain with you forever!

Add a bicycle trip to your tour and pedal to the Tip!
Group size: 15 - 40 people
Length: 2 1/2 hours (theatre presentation included)

3. Hike to the Marsh with a Naturalist

Explore the secrets of Point Pelee's marshlands on the famous boardwalk Trail with a Park interpreter. Keep your eyes open for frogs, turtles, muskrats, and dragonflies. Get a bird's-eye view of the marsh from two observation towers.

Add canoe rentals to your tour and paddle among the cattails.
Group size: 15 - 40 people
Length: 2 1/2 hours (theatre presentation included)

Enhance your Tour by Adding...
•Bicycle Rental
Pedal your way through the Park on the bike trail.
•Canoe Rental
Cruise among the cattails in a canoe and observe the interesting and mysterious life of Point Pelee's marsh.
Canoe and bicycle rentals are provided in collaboration with the Friends of Point Pelee. For more information contact the Friends of Point Pelee .
Extend your Visit...

•DeLaurier Historical House and Trail
Step back in time and experience life in the Park as it was 150 years ago. (Approx. 1 hour)
•Picnic & Beach Areas
Enjoy picnic tables, shelters, restrooms, and 20 km of sandy beach!

Some of our programs can be modified to serve visitors with special needs... when booking a program, please inquire.