Wapusk National Park

Location: Churchill, Manitoba
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Natural Environment Area

Wapusk National Park
By Parks Canada

Wapusk means "White Bear" in Cree. The park earns its name because it protects one of the world's largest known polar bear maternity denning areas. It represents the Hudson James Lowlands natural region bordering on Hudson Bay. The park lies on the transition between boreal forest and Arctic tundra. The geology, biodiversity, and cultural history of the area all contribute to the unique wilderness character of Wapusk National Park of Canada.

Currently, the way to see the park is through commercial operators who are authorized to operate in the park. There are November Cape Churchill polar bear viewing opportunities; January and February polar bear viewing opportunities through Wat'Chee Lodge; and Hudson Bay Helicopter aerial tours.

Experience the ecology and human history of Wapusk through the "Our Land, Our Stories" exhibits at the Parks Canada Visitor Centre in Churchill's Heritage Railway Station. Interactive displays, films, maps, life-size dioramas, and special presentations and workshops by Parks Canada staff and researchers bring the park to life. Contact us for Visitor Centre hours.