Fathom Five National Marine Park

Location: Tobermory Ontario
Region: Southwestern
Character: Marine Conservation Area

Fathom Five National Marine Park
By Parks Canada

The deep and sparkling waters at the mouth of Georgian Bay are home to Fathom Five - Canada's first National Marine Conservation Area. The park preserves a rich cultural legacy that includes 22 shipwrecks and several historic lightstations. Fathom Five's freshwater ecosystem contains some of the most pristine waters of the Great Lakes. The rugged islands of the park are a reminder of the impressive lakebed topography found beneath the waves.

Absorb the beauty and tranquility of Fathom Five National Marine Park on a glass-bottom boat tour to Flowerpot Island. Relax and enjoy the incredible rock formations that are among Canada's most recognized and popular natural attractions. Hike the island’s trails, explore the cave, or simply take in the flowers and wildlife. Flowerpot Island… a destination for everyone.

On the spine of the Niagara Escarpment, plunging below the lake and surfacing again on the shores of Manitoulin Island, Fathom Five National Marine Park is a region of stunning beauty above and beneath the water. Experience some of the world’s best freshwater diving. Novice snorkelers to advanced diving enthusiasts can explore fascinating underwater formations and more than 20 historical shipwrecks.

Fathom Five offers some of the best freshwater diving opportunities in the world. Clear, clean water, submerged geological formations (cliffs, caves, overhangs) and more than 20 historical shipwrecks offer a variety of underwater experiences. Everyone, from the novice snorkeller to the most advanced diving enthusiast, can find lots to explore and enjoy within the park.

Note: All divers planning to dive in Fathom Five, need to first obtain their dive tag by registering at the Park Visitor Centre .