Saguenay - St. Lawrence Marine Park

Location: Saguenay, Quebec
Region: Outside Ontario
Character: Marine Park

Sauguenay - St. Lawrence Marine Park
By Parks Canada

An area to discover in depth! Since its creation in 1998, the marine park has worked to protect and present the marine environment of a section St. Lawrence Estuary and the Saguenay Fjord. With a surface area of 1 245 km2, this large ecosystem is unique because of its sea bottom topography and its fjord . The confluence of waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary with those of the Saguenay Fjord creates exceptional oceanographic phenomena promoting significant biological diversity . Five cetacean species inhabit the waters of the marine park, including the St. Lawrence beluga, a protected species. In all, more than fifteen species of marine mammals have been reported, which bears witness to the marine park’s ecological significance.
As well, the area surrounding the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park has a long history of human inhabitation and is a place of importance in North American history. On this land, Amerindian and European civilizations came into contact, a contact that made a lasting impact.