East Cross Creek

Location: Kawarthas Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Small River

Loading photo... First Time In A Canoe
By Christine Wisman

It's hard to believe having gone to the cottage for 30 years that I have finally gone on my first canoe trip. Taking the canoe out at the cottage and seeing how many times you can flip and sink it does not count.
The day trip started out at Double M RV Resort and Campground with a portage style hike down to the Scugog River. I was slightly nervous when first getting into the canoe thinking it might tip over or heaven forbid I fall in the water. Fortunately it went smoothly and we set off along the river on our way to East Cross Creek. The weather that day turned out to be great with the sun shining and just enough wind to give some challenge. I discovered that paddling into the wind can be very challenging, especially when you are paddling hard, it doesn't feel like you are making any head way. It was a great day to get use to the rhythm of paddling while learning some different paddle strokes.
It was unbelievable how peaceful it was canoeing along the river. It was so quiet you could hear everything Loading photo...that surrounded us. The birds singing, the river otters cleaning house and a pair of Canadian geese that we seemed to have angered, since it felt like we followed them all along the river every time they tried to get away from us. The East Cross Creek is a fantastic place for those who enjoy bird watching with all different kinds of species to try to identify.
There are a few spots along the river where the water can get very shallow. It could be easier in the spring when the waters are higher to take this journey instead of later in the summer and fall when the water levels are lower, making the trip a little more difficult.
We paddled along the river for about four hours before deciding to head back to the campgrounds. If we had kept going a little further, we would have come to River Road which would have been a good landmark to tell us how far we had traveled but we knew it would take another four hours to get back. It felt great to spend the day out on the water with beautiful scenery to enjoy. Later that evening I could feel the work it took to paddle a canoe. My upper arm and shoulder muscles were very sore from the day's activity. A whole new world has opened up for me. It was a great experience for my first canoe trip and now I can't wait to plan the next canoeing adventure.