Treetop Eco-Adventure Park

Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Tree top walk and zipline

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By Janis Carter

Aerial adventures through the tree tops! The latest in outdoor adventuring.
And for me, a true adventure and challenge!
In southern Ontario there is a choice of several places to experience this new trend. Some of these are TreeTop Trekking in Horseshoe Valley, Barrie, Huntsville, and the Ganaraska Forest near Campbellcroft or TreeTop Eco-Adventures in Raglan, north of Oshawa.
After exploring the websites of the areas closest to me, I chose to visit the Eco Adventure Park in Raglan. What I saw there, as well as comparing on the website, the courses, prices and policies, I decided that this was the place that I wanted to try this challenge.
The course has a demo area as well as 3 levels of challenges. Each level has a combination of ladders, suspension bridges, cables, nets, floating logs, swings, footbridges, and ziplines. Also included along the way are a tarzan`s jump, a rock climb, and a floating barrel. These levels take place up in the trees; each level increasing in height, beginning at about 20 feet up to about 70 feet. Eco-Adventures advertises that they have a total of about 60 different games and 5 various zip Loading photo...lines. There are 2 fairly long zip lines, the longest at a height of about 70-90 feet high and about 265 feet long. Great fun! But not for those with a fear of heights. However, everyone is very securely strapped to safety lines, providing a very secure feeling, even for those the somewhat nervous. You are also accompanied by a guide, experienced in all levels and challenges.
I started out with a group ages ranging from late teens to about 40 plus myself, on the far side of 60 and certainly not in my best physical shape. I told them I just wanted get through the beginner level with no problems. Then I would be happy. However, I persevered. Some parts were very hard for me, mostly because I was not as fit as I should be. The height did not bother me at all, although it did bother a couple of people. My 6 foot 4 son had no problem with some games that were a challenge for those of us considerably shorter than him.
All in all, for me, it was a great adventure in the true meaning of the word. I completed the whole course, with no incidents, and very little fear, and frustration. What a wonderful euphoric feeling to have achieved that! I must confess there were quite a few sore muscles the next day, but that still didn`t detract from the sense of accomplishment I gained from tackling this challenge.