Big East River Provincial Park

Location: Huntsville Ontario
Region: Near-North
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 1050 hectares

Big East River Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

This protected waterway originates on the Algonquin Dome and extends from Algonquin Provincial Park's western boundary to Arrowhead Provincial Park. The park features significant sand deposits, which may be exposures of the ancient Algonquin Lake Delta. Spectacular sandy bluffs and numerous oxbows are to be found along the river. Several species of rare flora and fauna have been documented in the park.

Park Facilities and Activities

The park provides excellent opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and swimming, but no visitor facilities are provided. Camping is available in nearby Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Park Class: Waterway
Size: 1,050ha
Operating Park: No