Butler Lake Provincial Nature Reserve

Location: Dryden Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 3400 hectares

Butler Lake Provincial Nature Reserve
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

In many lakes, especially those near ice-sheets, formations called varves -- banded layers of silt and sand -- are deposited annually. Course and pale material is left in summer, while finer, darker material is left in winter. One light band and one dark band make up a varve. Just as tree rings may be counted to reveal the age of a tree, varved layers of clay may be counted to determine the age of a glacial deposit.

Butler Lake Nature Reserve features an eight-metre section of varved clays deposited by the postglacial Lake Agassiz.

Park Facilities and Activities

There are no visitor facilities. Access is via Wabigoon Lake.

Location: Ten kilometres southeast of Dryden

For more information:
Butler Lake Provincial Park
P.O. Box 730
Dryden, Ontario
P8N 2Z4
(807) 223-7535