Chapleau Nemegosenda River

Location: Northeast Zone Ontario
Region: Northeastern
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 8,165 hectares

Chapleau Nemegosenda River
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

This backcountry park is made up of two parallel rivers, each running north for about 60 kilometres until converging on Kapuskasing Lake. This is moose country. It is also waterfowl habitat, with significant wetlands interspersed among the boreal forests. The rocks in the Nemegosenda -- both the lake and the river -- date from the Precambrian era, around two to three billion years ago.

Park Facilities and Activities

There are no park facilities, but visitors may enjoy backcountry canoeing, camping and fishing. Hunting is not permitted. Access is via portage 12 on a logging road from Chapleau; via the railway station at Elsas; or via Emerald Lake along Highway 101.

Location: Off Highway 101, about 100 kilometres west of Timmins, and 200 km north-northwest of Sault Ste. Marie.

For more information:
Northeast Zone
190-192 Cherry Street
Chapleau, ON P0M 1K0
(705) 864-1710 Ext 214