Craig's Pit Provincial Nature Reserve

Location: Marathon Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 530 hectares

Craig's Pit Provincial Nature Reserve
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

Fanning out at the base of the Pic River bedrock valley, above Lake Superior's beautiful north shore, is a sand and gravel delta complex. Sunk into the delta are kettles -- wet and dry depressions formed by melted glacial ice. One of these kettles is Craig's Pit. The terrain also features high bluffs, on top of which eagles and hawks nest.

Park Facilities and Activities

There are no facilities for visitors.

Location: A few kilometres southeast of Marathon

For more information:
Craig's Pit Provincial Park
P.O. Box 970
Nipigon, Ontario
P0T 2J0
Phone: (807) 825-3403