Daisy Lake Uplands Provincial Nature Reserve

Location: Sudbury Ontario
Region: Near-North
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 600 hectares

Daisy Lake Uplands Provincial Nature Reserve
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Early logging, forest fires and a century of mining activities resulted in a bleak landscape of black, scarred and barren rock, denuded forests and acidified lakes and streams in the Sudbury area. Over the past 30 years, many have worked together to bring about Sudbury’s ecological rebirth.
The park protects recovering ecosystems and includes young white birches, grasses, sedges, rock barrens and acid – tolerant bog vegetation. The park is representative of the larger Sudbury landscape that has been disturbed by more than 100 years of pollution from nickel smelting and near urban development.
The site is fragmented by Highway 17 in the west and the Canadian Pacific Railway in the east. Wood fired smelting “roast beds” were at one time located two and a half kilometres to the east of the park.

Park Facilities and Activities
There are no facilities for park visitors, and camping is not permitted.
Fundamental to the management of the Daisy Lake Uplands is the protection and recovery of the park environment. The park is an important research area related to Sudbury’s ongoing re-greening.
Location: Sudbury – Highway #17 by- pass

Park Class – Nature Reserve
Size - 600 ha
Operating Park – No
For More Information:
Daisy Lake Uplands Provincial Park, Killarney, Ontario, P0M 2A0