Kashabowie Provincial Park

Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Natural Environment
Length/Size: 2,055 hectares

Kashabowie Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
The park features post-glacial features from the Wisconsian Age (10,000 years ago). These include an esker complex, outwash apron, and a glaciated lake spillway. The bedrock around Kashabowie wears a mantle of glacial till, interspersed with loess -- deposits of fine, yellowish-grey gravel and loam. Bogs, swamps, marshes, forests, and thickets fill in other areas of this natural environment.

Park Facilities and Activities
There are no facilities.

Location: Accessible only via Kashabowie Lake,
85 kilometres west of Thunder Bay.

For more information:
Northwest Zone
Suite 221
435 James Street South
Thunder Bay, ON
P7E 6E3
Phone: (807) 475-1495