Lake of the Woods Provincial Park

Location: Northwest Zone, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Natural Environment
Length/Size: 11,800 hectares

Lake of the Woods Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

Situated near the borders of Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, the park lies within a transition zone where three distinct natural environments meet -- northern, southern and prairie. The forest is a jumble of species, with southern hardwoods such as elm, ash and basswood growing next to Manitoba maples, and northern spruce and jackpine.

The mix of species also shows up in the park's birdlife. The most far from home are pelicans, who have colonized several remote islands and waterways in the park as permanent nesting grounds. Other winged strays include the yellow-headed blackbird and the western meadowlark, both Prairie birds. You'll also spot the scarlet tanager, redheaded woodpecker and Baltimore oriole, all usually found further south.

Location: About 43 kilometres north of Rainy River, near the borders of Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota. Take Highway 621 north from Highway 11.

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