Enniskillen Conservation Area

Location: Clarington Township Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Natural
Length/Size: 65 hectares

Enniskillen Conservation Area
By Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

Cedar swamp, open wetlands and bubbling brooks ?everything you would expect to find on the south slopes of the provincially significant Oak Ridges Moraine. The 65-hectare Enniskillen Conservation Area is located only a stone’s throw away from the small village of Enniskillen and offers a small network of trails through beautiful coniferous forest. The 3 km trail network includes numerous sections of boardwalk that cross an upper portion of the Bowmanville Creek five times.
By combining a hike with a nice picnic with family and friends at one of the group picnicking areas, Enniskillen Conservation Area can make for a great day out.

The area is known for its local history including the Moorey Grist Mill (built just north of the Education Centre in 1874 and dismantled in 1956) that used to take advantage of the constant supply of water that continues to run through the property today. Although the mill no longer exists, you can still see the earthen dam, which held back the creek water to produce the millpond.

HIKING: The 3 km trail network makes Enniskillen Conservation Area a great destination for someone looking to do a short hike through beautiful cedar forest while crossing over an upper tributary of the Bowmanville Creek several times.

PICNICKING: There are several excellent locations to have a picnic within this Conservation Area. Open and sheltered picnic areas are available for events such as weddings, family picnics and corporate events.

EDUCATION: The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority Education Centre is situated at Enniskillen Conservation Area. The Education Centre is available for school education programs run by the Authority.

FISHING: The trail network at Enniskillen Conservation Area crosses the Bowmanville Creek several times. These crossings provide opportunities for the fishing enthusiast. Please stay on the designated trails, take your garbage with you, and fish only at approved locations. Ontario Fishing Regulations apply.

PET POLICY: Pets are permitted within Enniskillen Conservation Area. Please clean up after your pet, and keep them on a leash (maximum 2 m long) at all times. Pet owners violating these regulations will be fined.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: The 3 Km trail network offers some opportunities for cross-country skiing at Enniskillen Conservation Area. Please be aware that the ski trails at Enniskillen Conservation Area are not groomed, skiing equipment cannot be rented at the Conservation Area, and that boardwalk sections of the trail may present less than ideal skiing conditions.

WILDLIFE VIEWING: The cedar forest/swamp communities and rolling open meadows provide visitors with many different opportunities to view wildlife at all times of the year.

NATURE STUDIES: Enniskillen Conservation Area includes an excellent example of a treed cedar forest/swamp valleyland that is typical to this area. Please apply for a Sensitive Areas Permit if you would like to venture beyond the designated trail system and activity areas.

Season of Operation
This conservation area is open year round.