Limestone Islands Provincial Park

Location: Carling
Region: Near-North
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 450 hectares

Limestone Islands Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features

This 450 ha nature reserve in Georgian Bay has two limestone islands. The islands are unique compared to the others in the region which are typified by granitic bedrock and wind-swept pines. The flat, low-lying shelves of pitted limestone are dominated by shrubby and herbaceous vegetation. The islands provide valuable, undisturbed nesting habitat for several species of colonial waterbirds.

Park Facilities and Activities
There are no visitor facilities and camping is prohibited on the islands. Day-use for walking, photography and nature appreciation is permitted outside of the May 1 August 1 nesting season with the permission of the Park Superintendent. However, due to the sensitivity of the site, visitation to the islands is generally discouraged.

Location: Fourteen miles west of Parry Sound in Georgian Bay.

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