Heber Down Conservation Area

Location: Whitby Ontario
Region: Central
Character: Natural/Historic
Length/Size: 284 hectares

Heber Down Conservation Area
By Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

The Heber Down Conservation Area (284 hectares) offers a variety of activities for the recreation-minded. Group camping, fishing, nature walks, and picnicking are all popular activities that can be carried out just a short distance from home. More importantly, Heber Down Conservation Area preserves a portion of the significant Iroquois Beach physiographic unit.

The natural valley of the Lynde Creek bisects a portion of this Conservation Area and provides many scenic vistas for those enjoying some of the 5 km of flat to gently sloped trail that runs through this property.

Springs and seeps within the provincially significant Heber Down Wetland Complex provide important groundwater recharge to this branch of the Lynde Creek Watershed. This wetland complex also provides specialized habitat for many wildlife species that depend on large treed wetland areas in order to carry out their breeding and feeding activities.


HIKING: The different trail types at Heber Down Conservation Area means there should be one for everyone. From stroller and wheelchair-friendly trails and trails with plenty of boardwalk and stairs, to longer hiking trails, visitors are bound to find a favourite.

PICNICKING: There are several excellent locations to have a picnic within this Conservation Area. Open and sheltered picnic areas are available for events such as weddings, family picnics and corporate events.

FISHING: Heber Down offers a number of good fishing access points to the Lynde Creek and the Devilís Den Pond. These areas are favourite destinations for many fishing enthusiast. Please stay on the designated trails, take your garbage with you, and fish only at approved locations. Ontario fishing regulations apply.

EDUCATION: The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority can arrange to run school programs at Heber Down Conservation Area.

PET POLICY: Pets are permitted within Heber Down Conservation Area. Please clean up after your pet, and keep them on a leash (maximum 2 m long) at all times. Pet owners violating these regulations will be fined.

GROUP CAMPING: The Group Camping Area at Heber Down Conservation Area is a great place for non-profit groups (< 500 people) to camp for a weekend. The Group Camping Area is available year round.

WILDLIFE VIEWING: There is plenty of opportunity to view all kinds of interesting wildlife within this large and diverse area. Why not join members from the Iroquois Shoreline (Heber Down Conservation Area) Raptor Watch (mid August ?November 30th) as they identify and record the number raptors that fly over this important area every fall.

NATURE STUDIES: The Lynde Creek, Heber Down Wetland Complex and Iroquois Beach physiographic unit make Heber Down Conservation Area an ideal location to carry out your nature studies. Please apply for a Sensitive Areas Permit if you would like to venture beyond the designated trail system and activity areas.

Season of Operation
This conservation area is open from dawn to dusk year round for your enjoyment. The Group Camping Area is available for reservation year round.