Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park

Location: Temagami
Region: Near-North
Character: Wilderness
Length/Size: 72,400 hectares

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
This spectacular wilderness park encompasses rugged topography, clear lakes and rushing rivers. Numerous waterfalls are found along the Lady Evelyn River. The most impressive is Helen Falls which drops more than 25 metres. Many outstanding landforms are represented in this section of the Canadian Shield. Here, the Precambrian bedrock rises to a dome, forming the highest point in Ontario - Ishpatina Ridge. At the boundary between the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence and the Boreal forests, the park has a wide range of vegetation types. The area is well known for its old growth white and red pine ecosystems.
Wildlife species such as bear and moose are plentiful in the area. The many deep lakes and fast-flowing streams are ideal for lake and brook trout.

Park Facilities and Activities
The particular ruggedness of the park's terrain must not be taken lightly. Visitors should be backcountry veterans and well-experienced in white-water canoeing and other wilderness skills.

Northwest of Temagami. Road access from the north via Elk Lake. From the east, water access is from Mowat Landing on the Montreal River. Water access from the east is also possible through access points on Lake Temagami. Air access via floatplane can be arranged from Elk Lake, Sudbury or Temagami. All private aircraft require a landing permit from Ontario Parks at (705) 569-3205.

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