Maynard Lake Provincial Nature Reserve

Location: Northwest Zone, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Nature Reserve
Length/Size: 30 hectares

Maynard Lake Provincial Nature Reserve
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Maynard lake is classified as a Provincial Nature Reserve. The trees in this representative old growth white pine forests are 157 years old. Despite the relatively small size, this forested area contains important old growth characteristics, with a core area of 70 percent white pine. The site is accessible by boat only. The site is characterized by mainly deep soils with varying depths throughout the reserve. The reserve is 27 hectares in size and located on a penisula on Maynard Lake, 72 kilometres northwest of the Town of Vermilion Bay.

Park Facilities and Activities
There is currently no recreational use of the area. People fishing and canoeing on adjacent waters may access the Nature Reserve for day use, "no trace" activities such as hiking, bird watching and wildllife viewing. Camping within the Nature Reserve will be discouraged.

In keeping with the goal of protecting natural values, activities such as logging, mining, hunting, fur trapping, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle use are not permitted in nature reserves. First Nations traditional activities such as trapping, hunting and gathering will be allowed to continue. Development will be limited to trails, signs, information aids and temporary shelters for eductional activities and scentific research.

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