Otoskwin / Attawapiskat River Provincial Park

Location: Lansdowne House, Ontario
Region: Northwestern
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 82,529 hectares

Otoskwin / Attawapiskat River Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
These rivers, once part of a major fur-trading route, merge into a delta here. The delta contains significant, brackish tidal marshes. The area also features a number of historical sites: from ancient Indian communities dating back to 3000 BC, to fur-trading sites from the beginning of the 1800s.

Park Facilities and Activities
Although the park has no facilities for visitors, it does provide opportunities for backcountry canoeing and camping. Visitors should be equipped with wilderness and white-water skills.

Location: About 380 km north of Thunder Bay, 275 km north of Geraldton, 250 km northeast of Sioux Lookout and 60 km northeast of the town of Pickle Lake.

For more information:
Otoskwin-Attawapiskat River Provincial Park
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Phone: (807) 825-3403