Obabika River Provincial Park

Location: Temagami, Ontario
Region: Near-North
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 20,520 hectares

Obabika River Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Along Obabika's varied, rough shoreline, outcrops of polished bedrock mingle with boulder fields, sandy beaches, and wetlands. The park encompasses a large area to the east of Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park. It includes the south portion of Lady Evelyn Lake, as well as a section of old growth forest north of Obabika Lake. From here, the Obabika River meanders southwestwards to connect with the Sturgeon River. A large wetland area provides ideal habitat for moose.

The area is rich in native culture - archaeological evidence of aboriginal peoples dates back 6,000 years and continues today with the nearby community of Bear Island on Lake Temagami. The rich forests have also attracted loggers to the area. A number of old lumber camps are located along nearby shorelines. Several modern logging access roads also cross the park.

Park Facilities and Activities
Don't expect to find high-tech facilities here - wilderness campsites and portages are all that are provided. Canoeists should be skilled and equipped to meet the demands of varying water and weather conditions. Topographic maps for navigation are essential.

This waterway park invites backcountry canoeing, nature exploration and wildlife viewing. Boating and sportfishing are popular on Lady Evelyn Lake.

Location: 40 straight-line kilometres northwest of Temagami. Water access from Lady Evelyn Lake via Mowat Landing on the Montreal River, or from several access points on Lake Temagami.

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