Oxtongue River - Ragged Falls Provincial Park

Location: Dwight, Ontario
Region: Near-North
Character: Waterway
Length/Size: 507 hectares

Oxtongue River - Ragged Falls Provincial Park
By Ontario Parks

Natural Features
Its proximity to Algonquin Provincial Park makes this protected waterway almost an Algonquin appendage, but it's a park in its own right, and for good reason. Oxtongue River Ragged Falls contains many features of local significance. The small plunge basin at Gravel Falls demonstrates the powerful, erosive force of glacial meltwater. There are nine distinct forest communities in the park.

Park Facilities
The park is accessible at both its eastern and western ends via Highway 60. Along the western approach, a marked gravel road provides access to Ragged Falls. Also accessible are the parking lot, washrooms and marked hiking trails that lead to a lookout over the falls. A parking permit is required and can be obtained from a central parking meter. Canoeing is permitted.

Location: On Highway 60 at the western edge of Algonquin Provincial Park.

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