Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area

Location: North of Bomanville, Ontario
Region: Central
Character: River Area
Length/Size: 165 acres

Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area
By Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

Located north of Bowmanville, the Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area borders a significant portion of the Soper Creek. The Conservation Area protects a large area of deciduous forest and coniferous forest/swamp that help maintain both water quantity (through seeps and springs) and water temperature along this section the Soper Creek. Stephen’s Gulch Conservation Area also includes a portion of the provincially significant Soper Valley Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). The Area has been closed to the public due to funding cutbacks.

Central Lake Ontario Conservation is pleased to announce that the imporvements to Stephen's Gulch have been completed and the area is open for your enjoyment.

Hiking, Cross-country Skiing, Mountain Biking

Season of Operation
Stephen's Gulch is open year round from dawn to dusk for you enjoyment